THE ZOO Stuffed Animal Storage by Littlezookeepers
Safe Flexible Bars

THE ZOO Stuffed Animal Storage by Littlezookeepers
Measures 60" x 22" x 11"

Little ZOO Keepers
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Do Your Kids Have A Pile Of Stuffed Animals taking up precious space?

If your kids are anything like mine, they’ve got a pile of stuffed animals strewn all over the floor or on the bed. We tried using toy nets suspended in the corner and sneaking them to the basement, but nothing solved the problem.

How THE ZOO can make your animal pile disappear!

In the beginning my wife asked me to build a cage with elastic bars for our ever growing stuffed animal collection, like stores use for ball displays . Fortunately I had a wood shop attached to my furniture store and was already making bunk beds for the local kids. So, by trying a variety of designs and by covering the elastic with custom made plastic tubing for safety THE ZOO evolved.

But most of all, it was designed for you to assemble easily.

Now your Kids will enjoy putting their stuffed animals away!

Either pop the animals in and out through the flexible bars or just toss them through the open top, like a game of basketball – it’s fun! An unintended consequence of designing THE ZOO we trust you will experience too!

"We're very very happy with this. I've looked for a long time for a good stuffed animal solution and couldn't ask for more."   Rebecca in New Mexico.

  • Make room! - Takes under 2 square feet of floor space.

  • Now 90 or so medium stuffed animals can have a place to call "home".

  • Your Webkinz Collection will also fit in THE ZOO.

  • Safe, flexible bars even allow tots to move animals in and out easily.

  • Easy assembly using just a screwdriver with clear color photo instructions.

  • Simple method of attaching to the wall to prevent tipping.

  • Made from tough multi-ply plywood that even the toughest kid cannot break.

  • Have fun painting THE ZOO or just leave it as it is.

  • Measures 60" tall x 22" wide x 11" deep.


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  Do you have kids who have sentimental stuffed animals? Are their stuffed animals consuming their rooms and your house? We have a solution here at Hulton House Corp. We have designed and created a one of a kind solution to house all of those stuffed animals that are quickly taking over, The Zoo.

  Our stuffed animal zoo is a unique cage especially designed to fit all of your child's stuffed animals and the best part is the cage only takes up 2 square feet of room so it can be conveniently placed in your child's bedroom and out of the way. Stuffed animal storage and holders are a necessity for your family as they help to contain the animals without having to throw any away.

  It is a hassle trying to pick up the stuffed animals all day and with our stuffed animal cages, your child can pull out the ones they want without having to have all of them sprawled all over. Stuffed animal toy boxes are perfect for your family. You can organize the animals within the cage and store them safely. Your kids will also have fun picking up their stuffed animals and putting them in "the cage".

  You can choose to bend the flexible bars to put the animals away or you can just throw them over the top into the opening. The bars are made with bendable plastic for easy removal and put away. The storage for stuffed animals with The Zoo can house up to 90 medium sized stuff animals, which is a lot of room!

  The Zoo also serves as a Webkinz organizer. Our cage will store your webkinz safely and conveniently. The stuffed animal organizer is made from tough multi-ply plywood that even the toughest kid cannot break. Stuffed animal nets and hammocks simply don't work, don't waste anymore products, call today to order your Zoo. Our stuffed animal organization idea is a unique way to make everyone happy!

  Satisfaction Guaranteed!" No questions asked" money back refund. 
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